Rich taste. A great classic.

Velika Bryndza is brine-aged Bulgarian cheese produced according to traditional recipes with modern, automated equipment.

Delicious and healthy

Bryndza is a wholesome, brined cheese containing vitamins B, C and A, calcium and phosphorus, minerals, microelements and amino acids that are essential for the human body.

In salads

Bryndza pairs wonderfully with fresh vegetables and herbs.

In baking

Bryndza melts well and is added to pies and flatbreads.

In hot dishes

Bryndza is used in traditional hot dishes, soups, appetizers and sauces.
In salads
In baking
In hot dishes

Production technology

Quality ingredients

We use only high-quality and approved premium milk exceeding GOST state-standard requirements.


Before production, the milk is kept in a special tank and pasteurized. It is then poured into the cheese-making machine. After that, starter cultures and rennet are added to the milk.

Self-pressing and salting

The cheese is placed in large block molds and is pressed by its own weight, partially salted, and rested for several hours. Afterwards it is poured with salty brine and left to ripen for 45 days.

Bryndza packaging

Large, pressed bricks of cheese are cut and packed into high-barrier packaging that preserves the fresh and juicy taste of mature bryndza for a long time.
We use
premium milk
Solid Bulgarian bryndza is aged in brine for 45 days


We use only approved
premium milk.


From trusted


Ripening strictly
defined time


Fresh and rich


What is bryndza made of?
What kind of milk is in bryndza?
How long can bryndza stay fresh?

What is bryndza made of?

Natural, classic bryndza contains only milk, starter cultures, fermentation agents and salt.

What kind of milk is in bryndza?

When manufacturing bryndza, we use only premium cow’s milk.

How long can bryndza stay fresh?

We recommend keeping bryndza up to 90 days without brine, or up to 6 months in brine (in unopened packaging).

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