A matter of choice

Thousands of lectures, studies and books are devoted to business strategies, communication, conflict management and the negotiation process. The only question is that the era of turbulence leaves no time for reflection, forcing us to instantly react to any changes in the environment and content. The only way out is to search for universal publications that provide working algorithms and are not overloaded with terminology.
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For every useful book, there are about 100 mediocre ones that will disappoint you. How do you choose the ones that will be
the best in your life?

Best practics

The authors of our books are professors, practicing consultants and trainers who work with the ever-changing global market. Therefore, it is thanks to the practical value and availability of presentation that the proposed business literature meets the requirements of today as much as possible.

Books provide answers to important questions

  • How to find highly qualified and dedicated employees?
  • What is the first mover advantage?
  • How risky is strategic ambiguity?
  • "Turquoise" vs "orange": which culture will win in the corporate struggle?
  • How does the dark side of consensus manifest?
The choice of topics and research, affecting both business processes and a wide range of issues of everyday life, meets the urgent needs of society.

Attention to detail

The Unagrande Business Book series, created in cooperation with the publishing houses "Abrikobux" and "Alpina", guarantees the quality of printed editions and audio versions of books.
A professional approach guarantees you the accuracy of translation and modern layout.
Comprehensive coverage: cases from various areas of business, science, sports, media industry, etc.

Publishing books

Dialogue, Inc.

Dialogue, Inc.

How successful leaders use dialogue with employees to develop the company.
B. Groisberg, M. Slind
Agree on the impossible

Agree on the impossible

How to find a way out of the impasse and resolve any conflicts (without using force and money).
D. Malhotra
Chasing the stars

Chasing the stars

The myth of talent and mobility of success
B. Groisberg
The genius of negotiation

The genius of negotiation

How to overcome obstacles and achieve brilliant results at the negotiating table and beyond.
D. Malhotra, M. Bazerman